We empower clients managing custom software systems to realise their information systems management and software engineering objectives through automated software system modeling capabilities based on unique software system analysis, reverse engineering services and technologies.

Typical Challenges to Custom Built & Customised Software Systems

  • Mission critical in that they are often constantly growing and adapting to new needs and may not stop running
  • Knowledge retention in the context of documentation, personnel turnover and communication in general
  • Maintenance management over extended time and involving multiple parties alongside growing entropy
  • Changes to interfaces driven by interconnected systems, devices and technologies
  • Version changes of base software packages and software development environments
  • Technology initiatives such as service-orientated architecture, modernisations, redeployments and virtualisations
  • Business initiatives for example mergers and acquisitions, risk management and strategy development

We have experience on software systems built in multiple development environments from across the technology spectrum.

Over the past 12 years we have worked with corporates from many industries, financial services providers, government institutions, consultants and information technology related service providers on many diverse software systems.

If you, a client or colleague are experiencing any of the typical challenges to custom software systems and would like to know more, please email us. Should you wish to fill out the Bushfire Company Custom Built & Modified Packaged Software Systems survey please click here.