We empower clients managing custom software systems to realise their information systems management and software engineering objectives through automated software system modeling capabilities based on unique software system analysis, reverse engineering services and technologies.


Offer a unique enterprise class service, that clients need, in partnership with us.

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Engagement Partners

Referral Partner

Leverage your client and other relationships for mutual benefit.

Earn a fee for referrals that result in client service contracts or projects.

Relationship and Account Management Partner

Leverage your client relationships and knowledge to fulfill needs through managing the client service contract or project.

Earn a revenue share for your introduction, relationship management and account management roles in the client service contract or project.

Consultant and Change Agent Partner

Specific industry, business or technology initiative specialists who act as facilitators of change initiatives in client organisations. Typical change initiatives include, among others, strategy development, mergers & acquisitions, process management, services orientation, services oriented architecture, modernisations, redeployments and virtualisations.

The outcome is a substantial understanding of a custom software system, serving as a datum initially and as a vehicle for measuring and communicating progress throughout the initiative and beyond.

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Process Partners

Mining and Reverse Engineering Process Partner

Specialists in specific software development environments, perhaps even with particular language grammars and parsers.

We will partner with you in the process of customising, developing and maintaining the mining or reverse engineering process for the specific development environments.

Model Analysis and Refining Process Partner

Specialists in leveraging specific technologies and analytics capabilities for example Knowledge Discovery and Business Rule isolation.

We will customise or develop the specific analysis and refinement process in consultation with you or alternatively make an API available.