We empower clients managing custom software systems to realise their information systems management and software engineering objectives through automated software system modeling capabilities based on unique software system analysis, reverse engineering services and technologies.

Benefits: Model Driven Knowledge Management of Software Systems

Knowing your systems through leveraging their underlying models supports the knowledge management of these valuable assets.

agility bullet

Enable Agility
Enable your information systems to support your strategy as it develops. Take advantage of modern software engineering approaches without unleashing chaos.

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Facilitate Communication
Automated annotation retention and the relative neutralisation of typical software system semantics in the system models inherently widen the appeal and availability of system knowledge.

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Empower Architecture
Manage progress towards architectural objectives through automated annotation retention, user defined model artefacts and analysis of current models.

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Manage Risk
Assess your software systems in context over time through model comparisons and even into the future through user defined model artefacts and annotations.

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Enlighten Maintenance
No more surgery in the dark. X-Ray your systems before you change them, as you change them and after you change them.